Frequently asked questions

What if we don't have a Piano, could you bring one? 

Yes, we have a great digital piano and the sound of a electric piano is today so close to a original one so many people don’t even hear the difference.

What time will you arrive to the wedding?

We arrive about one hour ahead in order to set up, warm up, and work out details with the person in charge of the program.

Can you play together with a relative who wants to perform a song?

Of course, we love to co-operate with singers and instrumentalists.

What do you usually wear?

We will ask about the dress code beforehand.  

Do you play outside?

Yes, we do! But we have fragile instruments, so in case of rain there should be a tent/coverage.

Is the transportation included in the price?

Yes, in Copenhgen area.

Will there be a contract?

Yes, a contract will be made to ensure all discussed details.